lunes, 19 de diciembre de 2016


This friday i went to another food drive in the same supermarket but this time it was with another organisation called caristas i leave you the link down:

It was from 1:40 pm to 5:30 pm, we ate quick at school and a minibus from the school took us there. When we arrived there we started giving small bags, so that the people that went to buy they could buy some food and put them inside the bag.

I think that we dind´t collect so much food as the last time because it was on friday and the time was a little bit bad, because at that time not a lot of people go to buy food.

I has a great notice today because i found that in the local newspaper of my city, that it is a pretty big newspaper they have published an article talking about our labour. I leave you the link of the article here :

lunes, 12 de diciembre de 2016


This last weeakend here in sapin we had 5 days free including weeakend. So all those days i spend  them in my county house in huelva. I have a big country with rivers, mud, sand, rock in less words it is a paradise to do enduro.

Becouse for CAS i need to profe my hours, i did i video of my country and there is also some short clips of the motorbike, i could record more from my ride in the dirtbike becouse i lost the ssuport to put my camera in the helmet but before i lost it i recorded some things.


I took a lot of time to record these video becouse i had to walk a lot and record in many places and in some of those places i had to wait a long time for the time lapse videos, so i hope you enjoy it

viernes, 9 de diciembre de 2016

Preparation Of The Lottery for Charity

The table with all the prsent for the lottery
Today we are organizing a lottery for tomorow, there is a lot of staff that parent left us to sell it. It cost 1euro each ticket and you can win a lot of different prizes from nootbooks, to wies, movies, watches and a lot of different staff. We also have lots of book that people can buy, the prize is 1 euro four book, and there are some pretty good books. I am also organizing with some friends a coffee shop and the money that we take is going to the charities.

Tomorrow i have to come to school at 9:45 to open the lottery and when the next turn of people come i will go to the coffee shop and help there until lunch time

Today i have to keep organizing staff for the lottery and for the coffee shop, until 5 p.m