lunes, 23 de enero de 2017

Help Marroco

Marroco is true that is not a develop country, and is also true that is a poor country. But what is not a dangerous country, their hospitality is incredible, people in the desert that maybe they have only one bread for all the day, you go to their tent and they give it to you.

They try to give things that they dont have and that is something that you need to respect a lot. Maybe some day we will reach the hospitality that they have. Marroco is an incredible country and you should go to visit them and help them grow more and more.

It is the only country that you can see so many contarst of lanscape. You can see from Snow, Dunes, Desrts, Cayons, Monkyes, Stars like you haved never seen, Amazings sunsets, Endless roads, It is just amazing.

If you dont belive me just look at my pictures:

miércoles, 11 de enero de 2017

Best Images Of The People Of Marroco

Last training before Marroco

I already went to marroco but i didn´t have time to write this earlier.

 I did this trainning more less the 18 of december, i went to a place on the countryside with lots of mud and some sand. I enjoyed a lot and it was the prefect place to warmp up for the marroco big trip.